What We're Proposing:

Over the past few years, the 4th in the Park Committee has been discussing the possibility of building a new bandstand.

A new bandstand would provide more space, a place for a screen to project movies, accessibility, water, electricity for amplification and decorative lighting. This would provide a greater array of use. 

To date, we have done the following and are looking forward to a wider level of community feedback:
The 4th in the Park believes a new structure would benefit the entire community, far beyond our annual 4th of July event. This would include SAP Elementary School, Movies in the Park for Langford Recreation Center, Shakespeare in the Park and much more.

We do not have a design or location for the new bandstand at this time.
The following renderings are only meant to serve as inspiration for a design that would be agreed upon through a series of community meetings. 
Imagine Something Inspired by our Historic Library
Imagine a Modern Concrete & Timber Structure
The 4th in the Park Committee would like to thank SAP neighbor John Seppanen, Senior Project Architect at Urbanworks, for his help with these inspirational designs.
Who is On Board:
"We are grateful for this longstanding community partnership, and supportive of this effort to enhance our shared public spaces to benefit residents and visitors of our city." 
Michael Hahm
Saint Paul Parks & Recreation
"A new bandstand would be a tremendous asset to our school. Our students could use it as an outdoor classroom space, and it would be a wonderful place to host community events, student performances, and more. It would really support our use of the beautiful Langford Park to enhance student learning."
Karen Duke
Saint Anthony Park Elementary School
"Saint Anthony Park continues to be blessed with dedicated individuals seeking to sustain and improve our community for the common good. This project is yet another example of this commitment."
Jon Schumacher
Executive Director
Saint Anthony Park Community Foundation
"The development of a multi-purpose venue that could be used for theatre, but also concerts, movie nights, a picnic shelter among other things would be a tremendous addition to our neighborhood."
Janet Lawson
Board of Directors
Shakespeare in Saint Anthony Park 
Your Chance to Give Feedback:
As part of this process, Saint Paul Parks and Recreation has requested that we solicit feedback from the community.  

The question we'd like community members to answer is:


We're hoping the comment feed below will serve as a constructive forum for having a conversation about this question.

There will be plenty of opportunities to give feedback at community meetings that we'll schedule once we have a better idea of the structure, location, timing, process, budget and fundraising goals. 

Note: Comments are being moderated. Comments that don't respect our neighborhood's "spirit of community" will not be posted - so please use good judgement.
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