Join Us On the 4th!

Distance Races

Start your 4th with a friendly 4 mile or 2 mile race.  These races are open to all ages and wind through our lovely historic neighborhood.


Our parade is the signature event of the day - a real, old-fashioned, small town slice of Americana. Set up a lawn chair and watch as bands, scouts of all ages, classic cars filled with local dignitaries, fire trucks, community groups, and kids on their decorated bikes parade by on their way to the festivities that await in the annual picnic.

Bandstand & Picnic 

The parade ends at Langford Park where participants and spectators spill onto the grass to enjoy an afternoon filled with patriotic essays, music, games and tournaments. Bring your own food and beverage or visit our food tent. 

Back to the 4th Happy Hour 

We end the day with a beer garden and a little rock'n roll! Stop by the Sunrise Banks Como location and enjoy some brews from a local brewery and dance and sing along with the fabulous Rocking Hollywoods!

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